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Squishable avocados are the hot toy of 2017 and we have them in stock!

Oh yes! We do! As of today we have BOTH the full-size Squishable Avocado and the Mini Squishable Avocado in stock and ready to rock.

15″ Squishable Avocado

7″ Squishable Avocado



New year, new … all the things OMG!?

I start off every new year thinking about the things I want to change here in the store. Better staffing, better merchandising, cleaner desk, less paperwork piling up in stacks above my head. Smarter buying, better cash flow, cleaner floors, better programs and events. To be honest, it’s completely overwhelming. Big tasks seem like too much to tackle all at once, and if I try to do things bit by bit, I get interrupted (or, really, lose focus) and they don’t get finished. I bought a planner. Maybe it will help? And I’m trying to think of small tasks that I can do in a sitting. Maybe they’ll add up over time, or boost my confidence so that I can work on the “big stuff” (brand-new computers and a new point of sale system that I bought last fall and was too chicken to install before Christmas. Just for an example).

So today I took three new pictures for the front page of our website. And now I’m taking a coffee break. Seems about right.

2015 january slides science and nature

january 2015 slide just for fun

january 2015 stuffed animals slide 2

“How was your season?”

Everybody loves to ask us this! And we love it when we can say …

It was the BEST ONE EVER.

Thanks to our friends and customers near and far for making 2014 the best and MOST FUN year ever at Pufferbellies. We can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store.

Make a bunch of pom poms! Fast!

If you’re crafty at all, you’ve probably made pom poms. Slowly. One at a time. It’s fun but time consuming.

With this little tool you can make a BUNCH of pom poms fast. All at one time! Big ones or small ones. And then use them in all your crafty projects like home decorating, sewing, knitting, gift wrapping and more.

Hunger: let’s wrap this up. A fundraiser for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank


Did you know that the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank serves more than 114,000 of our friends and neighbors every month? Did you know that with just one dollar, the Food Bank can provide four meals? On Saturday, December 13, we want to help.

You probably know that we offer free gift-wrapping on your purchases all year long. For every gift we wrap here at Pufferbellies on the 13th, we’ll donate $1 to the Food Bank. If you’ve ever seen our store on a Saturday in December, you know we have the potential to wrap a lot of gifts!

While we don’t usually accept tips for wrapping, we will gladly take them on the 13th, and we’ll add 100% of the money in the tip jar to our Food Bank donation.

And if you’d like to bring non-perishable food to donate, we’ll have a table to accept it.

Can’t make it to the store on the 13th? Simply place your order on our website that day, specify your wrapping instructions before you check out, and we’ll add your dollars to the donation.

Let’s do our part together to end hunger this holiday season.

Small Business Saturday 2014 wrap-up

I am having a hard time expressing my feelings about this year’s Small Business Saturday.

Erin S at Small Business Saturday

Erin S at Small Business Saturday

We had our best day in the history of the store (nine Christmas seasons). It was amazing. We did not expect it, and we are so grateful for your support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

On the night before Small Business Saturday, I wrote a post on Facebook that went like this:

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. It’s easy to forget this, but behind the scenes at pretty much any small business you visit, there’s a person (or more than one person) who lies awake at night worrying, wondering, planning and dreaming. A person who can’t imagine their life without the business they’ve built. I recently read an article about Bonnie Slotnick and her cookbook shop in NYC. She said, “I am the store and the store is me.”

I think we are truly lucky in Staunton to have so very many wonderful, successful small businesses. Those businesses are a big part of the reason that our little corner of the world is such a great place to live. I can’t wait to take some time tomorrow to shop at my favorite small businesses and show my fellow sleepless dreamers how much I value what they’ve built.”

I did sneak out of Pufferbellies for an hour or so to shop, and I felt the energy of Small Business Saturday all around our little town. And when I got home, I slept. All night long.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendars – still in stock!

Great news! If you are searching for a 2014 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (#41040), you are in luck — we still have them in stock! $29.99 + $8 shipping (US shipping only). We ship Priority Mail, so you still have plenty of time to get a calendar home before the 1st of December. Here’s the link to order:

2014 Lego Friends Advent Calendar