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American-made toys — Zipfy giveaway!

After I posted about the Zipfy mini luge, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun it would be to give one away. So, we set up a sweepstakes that you can enter (one entry per person, please) to win a red Zipfy! Hooray! Have at. The winner will be announced on December 2, 2011.



Identify the mystery toy and WIN!

Exciting news! We’re hosting a contest that starts right here on our blog.

Below, you’ll find a video of our new, super fun zOrb microscope. It’s a handy little piece of gear that attaches via USB to your computer (PC or Mac) and lets you magnify nearly any object. We’ve been looking at paper, rocks, fabric, bugs, skin, hair, and (of course) toys. You can save still images from the microscope, and even record moving video of the items you magnify. It’s a fascinating toy and we’re really excited about it.

Now pay attention, because this is the important part: At the end of the video, there’s a short clip of a mystery item. The mystery item is a toy we sell here at Pufferbellies, as seen through the lens of the zOrb microscope. Watch the video, then come to Pufferbellies and try to identify the mystery item. The first person to correctly identify it wins the mystery item for their very own! We will also accept entries via comments to this blog post, but the answer must be very specific, and it’s going to be tough to figure it out from afar (sorry, non-local friends). When we have a winner, I’ll update this post to let you know.

Update: We have a winner! Our dear friend and loyal customer Willa H. watched the video at home, then came to Pufferbellies and correctly identified the mystery item — a German “Wonderland” kaleidoscope. These kaleidoscopes are fantastically beautiful, and we are so excited to send Willa home with one for her prize.

Stay tuned for our next “mystery item” and your chance to win!

Willa H. with the mystery item!

Willa H. with the mystery item!