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American-made toys at Pufferbellies — Crayon Rocks

This post is part of our series on American-made toys available at Pufferbellies. For more, see our posts on Nana Banana coloring books and the Zipfy mini luge.

For this post, I’m breaking out a classic Pufferbellies video, circa 2009. It has our old counter! And Erin S. in pigtails! So nostalgic. Anyway, on to the Crayon Rocks. We LOVE Crayon Rocks. They’re made in the USA out of soy wax, and they’re shaped like rocks for a reason — to strengthen tripod grip muscles, and help prepare children’s fingers and hands for writing with a pencil. They’re used often by occupational therapists to help develop fine motor skills, plus they’re just plain beautiful — the shape allows little ones to draw in wide, bold strokes and to create artwork rich in color. What a stellar stocking stuffer for preschoolers!

Here’s the video!


Crayon Rocks at Pufferbellies

Today we got a shipment of something very cool — Crayon Rocks. Our friend and customer Deanna told us about these — they’re chunky crayons made of soy wax that are perfect for developing the kind of fine motor control that kids need to write with pencils. They’re made in the USA, and are free of petroleum products. We like ’em! Take a look: