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Costume Parade and Halloween Hullabaloo in downtown Staunton – Friday, October 26, 2012

It’s coming! It’s coming! It’s almost here ….

Our fourth annual Costume Parade and Halloween Hullabaloo is scheduled for Friday, October 26, 2012. We’ll meet in the Wharf parking lot (right across from Pufferbellies), and the parade will begin at 6:30. We’ll parade through downtown Staunton, then return to the Wharf lot for a (gently) spooky story and a tasty treat.

Bring: noisemakers to use during the parade and a blanket or lawn chairs to sit on during the story.

Pufferbellies Costume Parade and Halloween Hullabaloo

Pufferbellies Costume Parade and Halloween Hullabaloo


Celebration at the Station with Rachel’s Quilt Patch – October 27

I love all the creative, exciting ways that businesses in downtown Staunton stay connected to their customers! This month, Kay and Rachel at Rachel’s Quilt Patch are debuting fresh, updated inventory and hosting a big party on Saturday, October 27. They’re even bringing in a DONUT TRUCK! Yes!

It’s going to be big fun, with live music, delicious coffee and great savings on beautiful fabric.

Celebration at the Station, Rachel's Quilt Patch

Tuesday Crafternoon: Cosmic Watercolors

crafternoon sign

Today at Crafternoon we made Cosmic Watercolors. It’s easy and really fun, and all you need are some basic household materials:

Liquid watercolor (or watered-down acrylic paints) in six or seven colors
Rubbing alcohol
Big paintbrushes
Pipettes or medicine droppers
Watercolor or paint paper
Little cups
Metallic paint

Completed cosmic watercolors

Completed cosmic watercolors

First, put three colors of liquid watercolor into separate cups. We used blue, blue-green and purple. These will be your background colors. In additional separate cups, mix a few tablespoons of rubbing alcohol with a squirt or two of paint to tint it. We found that some of the paint colors acted sort of weird in the alcohol (the pink ended up with a brownish layer on top) but it didn’t cause any problems. We made pink, yellow, orange and green alcohol.

liquid watercolor background colors

Liquid watercolor background colors

tinted rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol tinted with liquid watercolor

Brush-paint your paper with the watercolor or watery acrylic. Cover the whole paper or close to it, and get it nice and wet. We used half-sheets of Strathmore paint-pad paper, because it’s nice and sturdy but less expensive then watercolor paper.

cover your whole paper with paint

Cover your whole paper with paint. Get it nice and painty!

Once your paper is colored with watercolor, load up your pipettes or medicine droppers with colored alcohol and drip-drop it all over your paper. The alcohol reacts with the water on the paper, pushing it around and creating “cosmic” effects. The wetter your paper, the more the paint will move around. A lot of the kids who did this activity went really wild with the rubbing alcohol. After they finished dripping it, we used paper towels to soak up the excess and reveal their cosmic creations. They were beautiful.

Drip your tinted rubbing alcohol over your paper using a pipette.

Drip your tinted rubbing alcohol over your paper using a pipette.

A drippy specimen

An especially drippy specimen

Blot up the excess paint and rubbing alcohol with a paper towel.

Blot up the excess paint and rubbing alcohol with a paper towel to reveal your cosmic watercolor creation!

After we mopped up the excess paint, the children added “stars” to their paintings by dipping Q-tips in silver paint and stamping them on their artwork.

Completed cosmic watercolors

Completed cosmic watercolors

We made GAK at Crafternoon – you can make it, too.

Yesterday, we made GAK at Crafternoon. It was such a hit! GAK is a polymer made from glue, water and Borax. It’s gooey, slimey, bouncy, stretchy, and not very messy at all. Here’s our video showing how to make it. NB: There is one small error in the video — instead of two teaspoons of Borax to 1/2 cup of water, the correct ratio is 1 teaspoon Borax to 1/2 cup water.

For detailed written instructions, and a lot of info on the science behind GAK, just visit Steve Spangler Science. (Steve recommends stirring the GAK. We shook it in little plastic food storage cups with tight-fitting lids. Either way is fun.)

Hop Along the Bunny Trail – Easter in downtown Staunton, 2010

Hey, it’s almost that time again! Easter is approaching, and it even kind of feels like it with this great weather we’ve been having. Anyway, the Staunton Downtown Development Association and Staunton Recreation & Parks are hosting their famous Easter event again this year, and you’re invited. There are a lot of different parts to the event, and you can do as many or few or them as you like.

Saturday, April 3

From 10AM to 12noon, kids can hunt for Easter eggs at Gypsy Hill Park.

From 11AM to 12noon, kids and grownups can ride the free trolley from the Park to Byers Street Bistro downtown. At the Bistro, kids will get treats from the SDDA and a coupon for a $3 lunch special at the Bistro.

From 12noon to 1PM, kids can visit with the Easter Bunny while they eat lunch at Byers Street Bistro.

From 10AM to 1PM, kids can “hop” around from store to store downtown, collecting candy and treats from all the stores displaying an egg poster in their windows. Pufferbellies will be giving away the finest and most delicious treats, as per usual. 🙂

Sparkles and Sweets in Downtown Staunton – Friday, November 6

We’re getting ready for one of our favorite annual events — Sparkles & Sweets. It’s coming up this Friday, November 6, from 6 to 9PM. Nearly all of downtown Staunton’s shops, galleries and restaurants are participating. It’s an opportunity for you to enjoy free sparkling beverages and delicious treats at all the stores, take advantage of food and drink specials at the restaurants, and meet up with your friends and family to see everything that downtown has to offer. A lot of folks use this as a kick-off to their holiday shopping — we’ve got our Christmas and Hanukkah wrapping paper ready to go, so bring it on! This year there will be street entertainment, too, including live music and … FIRE JUGGLING. Yes! Any questions? Give us a call at 540-886-3516.

Costume Parade at Pufferbellies – Friday, October 23

Big news! Pufferbellies is hosting our first annual Costume Parade on Friday, October 23 at 6:30PM. We’ll meet at Pufferbellies, parade around the block, then come back to Pufferbellies for a snack and a spooky story. Wear your costume, and feel free to bring a noise maker to use during the parade. All kids must be accompanied by a grown-up. What a fun way to celebrate Halloween in downtown Staunton, Virginia!

costume parade