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What’s new at Pufferbellies?

It’s that time of year … we’re restocking from the holiday rush, and getting our hands on cool new toys. Here’s a sample of what’s come in over the last week or so:

LEGO — brand new Atlantis, Ben 10 Alien Force, Star Wars, City, Racers, Power Miners … we got a little bit of everything.

Green Toys — Chef Set, Dish Set, Recycling Truck & Dump Truck. We’re quite enamored of these toys. They’re made in the USA completely out of recycled milk jugs and they’re lovely. Very sturdy, 100% recycled packaging … great stuff.

Doodle Track cars — These have turned into one of our favorite gifts for ages 3 to 7. Use a black marker to draw a track on a big piece of paper, and your car will drive right along it, kinda like magic. You can also download and print tracks from the Doodle Track web site.

Klutz activity books for big kids — Draw the Marvel Heroes, Nail Art, Stencil Art, Draw Star Wars, LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions, Etch a Sketch book … the list goes on. Klutz books make marvelous gifts for kids who are interested in all kinds of, making, building and doing.

Ravensburger puzzles — We got hundreds of brand new jigsaw puzzles. 35 pieces, 60 pieces, 100, 200, 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 3000, 5000, even 9000 pieces — we got ’em all, and they’re all fantastic. Made in Europe, excellent quality, beautifully designed.

WOW Toys — A line of super-sturdy, friction-powered vehicles that our customers simply love. Come check ’em out on our brand new WOW Play Table. No batteries required, but boy do they zoom.


Lego Power Miners – hey, we got some!


Limited supplies of Lego Power Miners now in stock at Pufferbellies.