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New at Pufferbellies, mid-May

What’s new? Lots and lots … and lots! We’ve just been so busy unpacking it all, we haven’t had a chance to blog about it.

Awesome Viking Toys ambulance

Awesome Viking Toys ambulance

Beautiful butterfly halo

Beautiful butterfly halo

The addictively fun Qwirkle Cubes game

The addictively fun Qwirkle Cubes game

Write-on/wipe-off ABC flash cards

Write-on/wipe-off ABC flash cards

The long-awaited 'Llama Llama Misses Mama' by Anna Dewdney. (!!!)‘Llama Llama Misses Mama’ by Anna Dewdney. (!!!)

Giant Microbes – new shipment!

We got a fresh shipment of Giant Microbes in this afternoon, including class acts like Lyme Disease, the Black Death and Flesh-eating Bacteria! And as if they weren’t educational enough, we found some perfect books to pair them up with.  That’s right, we have a book that’s all about parasites.


PS — it’s hard to see in the photo, but the flesh-eating bacteria has a little fork and knife embroidered on his tummy. Who’s hungry?

Ugly Doll Action Figures – Stephanie Oppenheim likes ’em, too!

We’re big fans of the new Ugly Doll Action Figures. They’re collectible, playable little vinyl monsters that come blind boxed — that means you don’t know which one you’ve bought until you open the package. Ah, the thrill of the hunt! Anyway, I was happy to see that the fabulous Stephanie Oppenheim of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio likes them, too.


Ugly Doll Action Figures at Pufferbellies

New at Pufferbellies: April 9, 2009. It just keeps coming!

So, you know we got Lego Miners. What else? Take a look:


Splash bombs! For the pool or even the tub.


Giant windsocks!


Watch Me Throw the Ball by the fabulous Mo Willems!


Gyffy, the inflatable, bouncy, ride-on giraffe. Gyffy is a close cousin of our all-time best-seller, RODY!

Lego Power Miners – hey, we got some!


Limited supplies of Lego Power Miners now in stock at Pufferbellies.

Constructive Eating utensils are here

These are so super neat! Constructive Eating has come up with three cool, construction-themed utensils for making mealtime more fun. There’s a bulldozer pusher, a fork-lift fork, and a front-loader spoon. They’re great for encouraging productive eating time at the table, taking out to eat, or just for fun.

Constructive Eating utensils are in stock at Pufferbellies today for $6.99 each, or $19.99 for a set of all three.

I’ll have you know, that’s a very fine Danish mobile

I’ve never been able to throw a boomerang … until the Zingarang came along. This little number is made of super-lightweight foam, so it’s perfect for playing with indoors. Erin S. and I have had a great time playing with it here in the store. It’s so easy to learn, and it’s only $2.99! I can’t say enough! Here, let Erin S. show you how it works.