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Flying Slingshot Monkeys Zoom into Pufferbellies!

Flying Slingshot Monkeys!

Today at Pufferbellies, Sarah K decided to play a mean trick on Erin S (video to follow later this week). There is something to learn from this: never, ever play a trick on your manager and then turn your back.

This afternoon, a Fed Ex shipment arrived carrying the Flying Slingshot Monkey. This fun, exciting, shrieking monkey was the perfect way for Erin S to get paybacks! The monkey is cute and adorable, and with bungee arms and a cackling call, it will delight children and adults.  At just $9.99 it is tons of FUN!

Stop in today for a demo…and remember, don’t turn your back!


Bad, Bad Bunnies, part 1


Name: Bunzo
Accused of: Hopping uncontrollably
Bond set at: $24.99

You can set this bad, bad bunny free! Bunzo promises he’ll be better-behaved at your house than he is at Pufferbellies. Wouldn’t he look smashing in your Easter basket?