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New: all-natural paints from Glob are made in the USA

Glob all-natural art materials are made in the USA

Yesterday we unpacked a very exciting box — all-natural paints from Glob! They’re made in the USA and they’re earth friendly and beautiful. Check ’em out on our website here.

Or, visit the store and see them in person!

Glob paints at Pufferbellies


Little Sapling teethers are here!

Another American-made option for babies has arrived here at Pufferbellies.

Shop for Little Sapling teethers on our website.

Little Sapling hedgehog teether (image c. Little Sapling)

American-made toys at Pufferbellies: A Wish Come True dress-ups

We were at a toy show in Baltimore a few weeks ago, and it was the end of the last day. We were tired and sort of dazed, and we wandered into the A Wish Come True booth … it was like wandering into fairyland. All our resistance fell away, and we had to get one of everything. Well, almost everything

Now that they’re here in the store, we are even MORE  head-over-heels for these gorgeous dress-ups. AND, they’re made right here in the USA — Bristol, Pennsylvania, to be exact. They have enough poof, sparkle and shine to satisfy pretty much any little princess-wannabe. Plus, they’re beautifully made. Amazing materials, flawless construction, the works. We just know you’re going to love them.

A Wish Come True dress-ups

A rack full of puffy, sparkly goodness from A Wish Come True at Pufferbellies

American-made toys at Pufferbellies — DIY Bubble Gum Kit

Who doesn’t love BUBBLE GUM? I’m so glad to have found this excellent, made-in-the-USA bubble gum-making kit from our pals at Copernicus in Charlottesville. It comes with all the tools and ingredients you need to make more than a quarter-pound of bubble gum, which you can flavor any way you like. We recommend this kit for ages 8+, with adult supervision for the microwaving part. Science kits are a great way to get kids and grownups interacting (and learning something new!). The kit also comes with a sheet that has all kind of fun gum facts — I learned the difference between chewing gum and bubble gum, and that bubble gum was invented in 1928. See? We’re totally learning stuff, here.

Copernicus Bubble Gum Kit - made in the USA. YUM!


American-made toys — Zipfy mini luge sleds

This post is part of our brand-new series on American-made toys available at Pufferbellies. Also check out our post on coloring books by NanaBanana Classics.

Here’s another one of our favorite American-made toys: the Zipfy mini luge. This was the surprise hit of our 2010 Christmas season here at the store, and we’ve already sold a bunch this year, too.  We’re hoping for lots of snow in Staunton — but not ’til after Christmas!

Zipfy sleds are made in the USA

The Zipfy is super-fast and super-fun — one of the best sleds we’ve seen. Steer by leaning, and slow down by putting your heels down or leaning back. Plus, the Zipfy is lightweight and easy to carry back up the hill! We recommend the Zipfy for ages 6 through adult.

Here’s a great tutorial on how to ride, and a fun video of Zipy sleds in action in the Alps: