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Folkmanis puppets, just in time for Easter baskets


Cupcaaaaakes! At Pufferbellies.

This was the scene yesterday morning when we unpacked our first shipment of Melissa & Doug cupcakes. (Or as we call them, CUPCAAAAAKES!!)

Zartz are here! But will they stick?

Zartz are kind of the new rage, I think. They’re foam toy darts that stick easily to just about any smooth surface — but because of their super-secret formulation, they will fall off after just a few minutes. That means you can throw them at out-of-reach places — think ceilings — and not have to worry about getting them back. Sounds like fun, right? We decided to try one out for ourselves. In this video, Erin S tells you a little about Zarts, then takes you on a special tour around downtown Staunton.

Rocket Balloons

We love Rocket Balloons. Haven’t seen them? They’re long, skinny balloons that you blow up with a pump. When you let go, they whizz around making fun sounds until all the air is gone. We made a little video to show you how they work! (The videography isn’t the best, but you get the idea.)

Balloon Powered Boat at Pufferbellies!

Looking for something new for bathtime? Thinking ahead to pool season? You probably need a balloon-powered boat. No, scratch that. You definitely need a balloon-powered boat. In this video, Erin S shows us why. (Hint: They’re SO CUTE is why! And only $4. Wow.)

Make a video! That girl did.

The first entry in IndieBound’s video contest is up on their home page. Remember? I told you about the contest earlier this week. Hey, cool video! Will someone in Staunton do one, too? Hmm.

I’ll have you know, that’s a very fine Danish mobile

I’ve never been able to throw a boomerang … until the Zingarang came along. This little number is made of super-lightweight foam, so it’s perfect for playing with indoors. Erin S. and I have had a great time playing with it here in the store. It’s so easy to learn, and it’s only $2.99! I can’t say enough! Here, let Erin S. show you how it works.