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Tuesday Crafternoon: Cosmic Watercolors

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Today at Crafternoon we made Cosmic Watercolors. It’s easy and really fun, and all you need are some basic household materials:

Liquid watercolor (or watered-down acrylic paints) in six or seven colors
Rubbing alcohol
Big paintbrushes
Pipettes or medicine droppers
Watercolor or paint paper
Little cups
Metallic paint

Completed cosmic watercolors

Completed cosmic watercolors

First, put three colors of liquid watercolor into separate cups. We used blue, blue-green and purple. These will be your background colors. In additional separate cups, mix a few tablespoons of rubbing alcohol with a squirt or two of paint to tint it. We found that some of the paint colors acted sort of weird in the alcohol (the pink ended up with a brownish layer on top) but it didn’t cause any problems. We made pink, yellow, orange and green alcohol.

liquid watercolor background colors

Liquid watercolor background colors

tinted rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol tinted with liquid watercolor

Brush-paint your paper with the watercolor or watery acrylic. Cover the whole paper or close to it, and get it nice and wet. We used half-sheets of Strathmore paint-pad paper, because it’s nice and sturdy but less expensive then watercolor paper.

cover your whole paper with paint

Cover your whole paper with paint. Get it nice and painty!

Once your paper is colored with watercolor, load up your pipettes or medicine droppers with colored alcohol and drip-drop it all over your paper. The alcohol reacts with the water on the paper, pushing it around and creating “cosmic” effects. The wetter your paper, the more the paint will move around. A lot of the kids who did this activity went really wild with the rubbing alcohol. After they finished dripping it, we used paper towels to soak up the excess and reveal their cosmic creations. They were beautiful.

Drip your tinted rubbing alcohol over your paper using a pipette.

Drip your tinted rubbing alcohol over your paper using a pipette.

A drippy specimen

An especially drippy specimen

Blot up the excess paint and rubbing alcohol with a paper towel.

Blot up the excess paint and rubbing alcohol with a paper towel to reveal your cosmic watercolor creation!

After we mopped up the excess paint, the children added “stars” to their paintings by dipping Q-tips in silver paint and stamping them on their artwork.

Completed cosmic watercolors

Completed cosmic watercolors


Crafternoon coming up: Salad Spinner Art with Watercolor Magic

I’m so excited! This Tuesday at Crafternoon we’re going to make salad spinner art, à la momtastic. We’ll be putting our own twist on it by using our GLITTER Watercolor Magic! Is there anything that Watercolor Magic can’t do?

salad spinner fireworks

Salad Spinner "Fireworks"

Watercolor Magic in glitter magenta

Our secret weapon: Watercolor Magic

Crafternoon: Watercolor Spray Paints

Today at Crafternoon, we made watercolor spray paint art. We were inspired by this post at Artful Adventures.

We started with watercolors in tubes (found at our local art-supply store), which we diluted with water in little spray bottles (found in the travel cosmetics section of a local superstore). Then, we used a variety of objects to mask areas of our heavy watercolor paper — string, crocheted lace doilies, metal washers, coins, plastic stencils, s-hooks, foam letters and shapes, etc. We sprayed and spritzed. When we got pools of paint, we picked up the paper to let the colors run, or blotted the pools with paper towels. Then we sprayed and spritzed some more.

The spray bottles were challenging for some of our younger artists (kindergarten age) to manipulate. Next time, we might try putting the paper on an easel so that the children can hold the bottles upright rather than pointing them down at the table. We’ll have to change the way we use our masks and stencils, but that’s OK.

Here’s a look at some of our masterpieces!

Watercolor diluted with water in travel-size spray bottles.

Supplies: stencils, coins, s-hooks, washers, wrapping paper, foam letters, etc.

We hung our artwork on the line outside to dry. Yay, 70-degree days in March!

Wednesday Crafternoons at Pufferbellies

Every Wednesday from 3PM to 5PM we host a great new program called Crafternoons. It’s free and fun for kids of all ages. We do a fun craft or art project at our big play table, and bake up fresh cookies to share. Here are a couple videos of our most recent Crafternoon projects — we hope to see you soon!